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                麓山大讲◥堂第九十八讲预告:Conversations with Inmate Accountants: Fraud, Motivation and Opportunity

                发表时间:2019-11-26 16:39:03 点击次数:

                 题:Conversations with Inmate Accountants: Fraud, Motivation and Opportunity

                主讲人:Professor Steven Dellaportas





                Steven Dellaportas is a Fellow of CPA Australia and Duty Head (Research) in the School of Accounting, RMIT University. Steven is also presently Accounting section editor: Journal of Business Ethics and Associate editor of Accounting Education. His prior affiliations include Deakin University, La Trobe University and Federation University Australia. Steven is the lead author of Principles of Ethics and Corporate Governance in Financial Services published by McGraw Hill, 2012. Steven primary area of research is professional ethics and education has published several articles in peer reviewed journals: Journal of Business ethics; Critical Perspectives on Accounting; Corporate Governance – An International Review; Journal of Accounting Literature; Accounting and Finance; Accounting Forum, Australian Accounting Review; Social Responsibility Journal; Journal of Business Ethics Education; and Accounting Education.